Col. (Ret.) Heinrich Buch, Dipl.Sc.Pol., PhD

Advisor to the Chair, Universität der Bundeswehr, Munich
Heinrich Buch

Heinrich Buch, Dipl.Sc.Pol., was for more than 40 years officer of the Bundeswehr, initially airborne infantry and finally Colonel General Staff German Army, brigadier level, with appointments in the Planning Staff of the Minister of Defence, staff leader in Der Deutsche Bundestag, Senior Course 76 NATO Defence College, staff of the German Military Representative in NATO's Military Committee, Military Delegate in the Western European Union’s Permanent Council and Director Operations Research of the Bundeswehr with responsibilities for all operational studies and simulation/combat simulation models, where he drafted in 1994 the MEMO Armed Forces in the Information Age.

He had been tasked with drafting the NATO Standardization Policy (approved by the North Atlantic Council), the Allied Joint Operations Doctrine (approved by NAT'’s Military Committee) and was instrumental for the Embargo-Operation Sharp Guard in the Adriatic Sea (1993) und the WEU Embargo Operation on the Danube as well as the establishment of NATO's STANAVFORMED.

After active duty he directed six studies and participated in additional fourteen studies, working amongst others for the EU-Commission, which resulted in the first change of Article 296 of the EU Treaty which was approved by the Heads of States and Governments. From 2006-2011 he was NATO country project director of the NATO Science-for-Peace Project 982063 Research and Development in Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia/FYROM.

Heinrich Buch is author of many security policy publications. After five years of teaching in international politics at Universität der Bundeswehr München he is now advisor to the chair for Operations Research and Theoretical Mathematics of Prof. Dr. Pickl as well as his institute COMTESSA at the faculty Informatics.


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